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Welcome to shit....




Okay, so first things first.
I have anew account: C-Natch
It is brand spankin' new so don't expect anything fancy going on. I'll probably have it all up and running by February but You can go and Watch me over there since this account will stay open but I will not be posting anything here.
Also If you want you can go and Follow me on my Tumblr:
So I guess this is the real Good Bye. Ciao~
Okay not really "GOODBYE" but more of a farewell to the DA account that got me into DA and that allowed me to meet a lot of really cool people.
I will be starting a new account starting the first of the year which I will be using more seriously and more often... hopefully. 
I don't know exactly what it will be called but I will put that on my front Profile when the time comes. (probably within like 30 minutes of this going up, who knows.)
Once again, Goodbye, so long, auf wiedersehen, adieu~
Nekofy Yourself by Ayumi8804
Nekofy Yourself
Well I did it.... like idk 5 years late but whatever the deed is done
I will apologize now for the crappy linework/art I like coloring a lot more and even tht I did half ass...
I am not happy with this but whatever.
I was tagged by :iconcateu: 
I would like to tag :iconxlonleybluewolf120x:
(im a norwegian forest cat yo... and idefky)
If I hit that stupid "more" button one more time thinking that's where my inbox is I'm going to scream...
I felt the flowers in the middle of the night
They came to me like a fly in hot sun
Planting themselves upon my right cheek
They brushed my ear softly and whispered the past

I felt the flowers in mid-July
Far from past their seasons were done
Giving me bruises and kisses alike
They cursed at my eyes and stabbed in my throat

I saw you had the flowers too
Them overgrown without good trimming
I could see where you missed the roots
They made you so beautiful and yet so hidden

The flowers we both bear are more like weeds
Cluttering the gardens were memories should blossom
Easy to spot they catch the glance of unwilling eyes
Then rapidly spread and smoother dead all the others.
The Flowers We Both Bear
This is a poem that I wrote on the probably 4 minutes.  

Now to explain myself.

Short story:  I haven't posted in forever, here is a poem to help tie you guys over.
Long story: I just started my second year of Uni and it's going great but I have no time at all.  I have so little that I have barely talked to anyone either.  I'll start posting some stuff in Late November, if not then in December.

(c): Me - Ayumi8804


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United States
:iconblacksparklesplz:Hello welcome to my page~ :iconblacksparklesplz:

Now let's get to the art... wait what's art? :iconcryforeverplz:

My Tumblr:

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